Thursday 21 February 2013

Abraar's scientists shine!

 by Zackarya H.                                                 

This year, the science fair was a total success! Everyone’s experiments were magnificent, Mashaallah!

There were many good ideas and great presentations! The grades that were aloud in the science fair are grade 4-8. There were two rounds for the science fair.

The first round, your science teacher and Tr. Amina are assessing 
your project. If you get a really good mark, you get to go to the Gym and presented to the judges. There were almost forty people in the Gym!

This time, in the Gym, you get to have some prizes if you are chosen. The grades were divided into two. Grade 4-6 are in the juniors and grade 7-8 are in the seniors. There is 3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place, and the “Outstanding” cup. But the top prize is the… ABRAAR SCHOOL CUP!!!

Here are the people who won the rewards.

Divison                                                              Winner
Junior  3rd Place
Sarrah M. and Ayesha S.
Junior  2nd Place
Zainab A.
Junior  1st Place
Ayesha A.
Junior  “Outstanding Cup”
Sarrah M. and Ayesha S.
Senior 3rd Place
Tarannum and Nour D.
Senior 2nd Place
Ilham H.
Senior 1st Place
Abraar I. and Housam D.
Senior “Outstanding Cup”
Abraar I. and Housam D.

And the Abraar Cup Winner is… Ayesha A. in Grade 4.  
Congratulations to all the students who showed their love for science!!


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